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The Annual

Library on a Stick: A feature article about those little boxes of books popping out of the ground.

Panels On The Prairie: A Q&A with comic writer Marshall Edwards.



Never Stop: An oral history project about Greenbelt Kennels’ 80-something-year-old owner.

May The Furce Be With You: A feature article I wrote about a warm and fuzzy fandom.


Urban Plains

The Last Fan Standing: An article about the man who’s attended every sci-fi con in Iowa. (And I mean every.)

Over the (Cheshire) Moon: A article about filk (yes, filk) duo Cheshire Moon and their special genre of music. It’s also a Pinnacle Award Finalist that won the Honorable Mention for the Best Arts and Entertainment category.



My FlockU Writer Page.

4 Ways To Protect Your Privacy Now That Our Internet History Is For Sale: The title speaks for itself.

15 Absolute Worst Dating App Openers: A branded content article featuring a “round-up” of tinder screenshots and my commentary.

Attack of the (Cloned) Apps: Google Trends listed several app redesigns the day I wrote this article. I looked deeper into these redesigns and noticed they were copying other apps’ appearances and features.

The Mulan Remake Doesn’t Need Music: Let’s get down to business while I defend one aspect of the live-action Mulan remake. I don’t address it here, but I believe the biggest problem with this remake is that the director referred to it as a “girly martial arts epic.”

Top Dogs Of Social Media: I couldn’t resist writing something about National Puppy Day.

A Day Without [Privileged] Women: A critique of the Women’s Strike.

3 Great Pets to Keep in a Dorm or Apartment: Another self-explanatory title.

5 Places To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day: The title says it all.



Original fiction

Birdsong: A short story I wrote about the topic of happiness.